Often resources offer a broad basis for how to deliver a better lesson but DO, THINK, FEELgoes one step further.

Showing example lessons in action alongside a comprehensive, insightful and easy to follow lesson plan.

It supports primary school teachers across the country in their delivery of a unique and differentiated session, without the additional pressure to be a subject specialist in another National Curriculum area.



Our lessons show progressive learning across year groups rather than Key Stage, ensuring progression is facilitated,monitored and tracked at each stage of a child’s development.

Each plan has differentiation at every stage of the lesson, ensuring all children can achieve and do well in the areas of DO, THINK, FEEL.


Up to date

Piloted by P.E specialists in the primary school sector, the lessons are in use on a daily basis.Our resources are constantly being reviewed, reflected on and edited accordingly making them current and innovative for all areas where the sessions are likely to be delivered, including small irregular playgrounds and sports halls.

These plans are realistic and easy to follow and are evidenced by the video footage provided.


Lesson Planning

the physical and skilful application of learning.

tactically and intelligently aware, often seen as the analytical performer.

socially and emotionally able, shown in their ability to work with others and manage emotions.

They are shown with teaching points that not only reflect the action but also the tactical application.

There is the opportunity to focus on extended learning topics, to cater for the holistic development of each individual child.



Get Involved

As a partner to DO, THINK, FEEL you, as a school and teachers, will be embarking on an on-going journey to improve Physical Education for your children!

Be a part of the change the country needs to see and be a part of our children’s future.

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