DTF Fitness

Do Think Feel Fitness is a programme that aims to develop components of fitness through short burst activities, fitness training and a series of scored challenges.

We believe that children require a range of physical attributes to become healthier, fitter and stronger young people.

The programme supports the following components:


Component What is the component? What is our challenge?

Cardiovacular fitness is the process whereby the heart, lungs and blood allow the body to exercise for extended periods of time.

Usually called aerobic fitness.

The cardio challenge is set as a continual jog, run or walk for either 4,6 or 8 minutes depending on the age. The aim will be to complete as many laps as possible and beat this on the next attempt.

This component of fitness is designed around the body’s ability to be able to exercise against a low resistance for a high number of repetitions. So, for example, performing a shoulder press with a ball for 15+ repetitions.

In this challenge you will have to beat the clock to get your score for step ups on to a bench for years 1-4. For years 5-6 you will need to add in bunny hops to this.

This challenge requires a number of fitness components. You will need speed and balance along with accuracy and good hand and eye skills.

Another against the clock challenge whereby you will need to move 5 tennis balls from one cone to another.

Reaction time requires the use of the brain and nervous system to work together, processing the messages and tasks required as quickly and efficiently as possible. It develops areas such as balance, coordination, agility, power and speed

Our reaction time exercise is about you being as efficient as possible with your bounce, roll or catch. You will need to count the score you get against the clock.

Strength is defined as a maximum force on a high resistance.

We use isometric strength challenges for this component. This sees the body’s ability at withstanding static holds such as holding your shoulders parallel to the ground.

Balance is how you keep your body upright or in control of your movements.

In this challenge you will need to balance on your left and right foot and then combine the scores.

We understand that to maintain a healthy heart we need to get it to beat, the more it beats the stronger the heart will become. However, to get the heart to beat we need to move our body!


An introduction to fitness components, creating good habits through games and exercise.

Learning correct technique of fitness exercise, gaining an understanding for the importance of good health and an enjoyment for fitness through paired and team activities.

A training based environment for pupils to challenge themselves, build resilience and develop fitness while gaining and understanding of a healthy lifestyle and basic knowledge of how the body works.